Name: Michael Stonebreaker
Age; 62 years young
Married: Very! To My Lovely Bride Watcharee!
Between Watcharee and I we have 4 children, Satak (Deep),
Padiwarada (Dr. Dew), Jacob and Stephanie. I also have (4)
Grandchildren Andrew, Tyler, Chance and Kyle.

I Work for a large Aerospace company on Assignment in South Korea. I
live a the city of Jinju-si; which is about a far south in South Korea as
you can go without getting wet.
I came here in 2003 on a 9 month assignment and have been here
every since and it looks like "God Willing" I'll be here until I retire in

My Interests include Golf, Bicycles and Photography, which is what this
site is dedicated to.
I am also a musician and enjoy playing the Guitar, Banjo, Bass guitar
and Mandolin. Sounds a little like a Jack of all trades and master of
none, but I like to stay busy.

Watcharee and I have 3 homes in Thailand, as follows; Bangkok, Pak
Chong, (Near Khao Yai National Park) and in Surin in eastern Thailand
where we also have a rice plantation and a Beautiful Orchard behind
our home.
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