I have been Blessed to be able to travel around a little in South East Asia,
China, Thailand, Hong Kong and Macau as well as Japan. In this section I'll
include many Photos from those and future trips. I'll try to keep then in order
and will update this page as New Adventures present themselves.
China, Bejing
     It was so Cold and very Hazy when we were in Bejing, it was November,
but we had a Wonderful time, We visited the Forbidden City, the Summer
Palace and The Great Wall, We had a chance to see Pandas in captivity and
visit Tiananmen Square.  Here are a few pictures from the trip,
The Great Wall
Of All Things a
Camel on the Great
A Hazy view
from the Wall
This man was 82
and climed the GW
Hope I can when I'm
his age
We Visited the
Panda Zoo
Giant Panda
The Summer
Inside the
Forbidden City
Watcharee with
her Hero
The Challenge