I have always enjoyed Macro Photography; but I have decided
to start taking it more seriously. I recently purchased a Sigma
180mm F/3.5 Macro lens and a Canon MT-24 EX macro flash,
to practice with. These were taken prior to the new lenses
and are some of my earlier attempts at Macro.
Tiny Flowers
Nice Bokeh
I know it's a little soft
But I like it anyway
Nice Pose
Heart of Palm;
I call this one "It Begins"
Spring is happening
here in South Korea.
I captured this beauty in
front of our home in
Thailand on a Rose Bush
I call this one Adaptable
This little guy knows how
to hide and wait
My 1st attempt using the new
Canon MP-e-65mm Macro lens,
this is a spider plant flower,
about the size of my Thumb nail.
Its Spring in Korea and
the Bee's are enjoying it!
Swallow Tail
I call this on Paws, this little
guy has personality