I have wanted to start this web page for a long time; I've taken
so many Wonderful Pictures since I've been in South Korea,
China, Thailand, Hong Kong, Macau as well as Japan.
I look forward to taking many more and this will be a place to
share them with my Family and Friends.
Stone Imaginings Life Photography
Latest Photo
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in Nature.
Documenting the Journey
Early Years, 2003-2006
Cherry Path Jinyangho
Near Tongyoung
Jinju Castle Path
Jinju Castle Temple
Jinhae Watcharee
Watcharee & Me
Watcharee's 1st Visit
South Korea
Korean Folk Village
Korean Folk Village
Sonjon-ri 2
Chongoksa Temple
Chongoksa Budda
Flowers Near Temple
Temple Entrance
Budda Babies
Wat at Goseong
Save Us!!!
Chew at Goseong